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Marketing, Outreach and Public Relations- Early Learning

18% increase in childcare provider participation.

More engagement, more activations.

Family Guide to Child Care brochure created by #TeboPartnerships

Tebo & Associates finished an annual contract (May 2016-2017) with the State of Maryland to create partnerships to improve participation in their statewide quality rating improvement system (QRIS) and enhance program awareness with parents.  In the first year, we used marketing, outreach and public relations efforts to increase program awareness by families as well as provided an 18% increase in childcare provider participation.

Radio Ad - Maryland EXCELS







Our efforts included creating promotional pieces that speak directly to

parents, created and managed outreach events across Maryland to engage

with child care providers and parents, and created an advertising campaign

using radio jock endorsements to share stories.

This generated more engagement by parents and, in turn, created more

interest in the program.  Tebo & Associates also created new distribution

channels that increased the program visibility and aligned the program with

more trusted partners. 


Tebo & Associates distributed promotional packages to pediatrician’s offices

and created a  partnership with the Maryland Library system to distribute 

promotional items at all two-hundred libraries across Maryland. 

Our strategy proved correct:  more event-driven, direct-conversation

models resonated best with parents.  We negotiated a partnership with the

Maryland Department of Agriculture to cross-promote county fairs across

the Maryland State Department of Education and, in return, were able to

access their strong family-oriented audience in a relaxed environment

where parents were more likely to engage and retain the message.


Know.  Like.  Trust.  Buy:  How to Get Parents to Engage with a Child Care Rating System

We created a radio endorsement campaign and ran 30/60 second endorsement spots across the State of Maryland.  We focused on the top four (4) stations that reached parents with children from 0-5 in their household.  We then reached personality endorsement agreements with the top morning and afternoon

jocks on each station focusing on radio jocks who had a young child in their household to increase the authenticity of the campaign.  Radio jocks are a trusted source of news and have a loyal

listener base so we wanted the message to come from somebody they trust.  We ran an 8-week radio campaign and set the frequency goal of each parent hearing the radio endorsement nine (9) times.

Over an eight-week period, we saw a 17% spike in web traffic

and a 12% spike in new user log-in’s for the program.

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