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Be aware. Every summer companies start calling on local businesses in your area claiming that they are raising money for your schools. They call companies that work with you. They call companies who want to work with you. They call companies that don't know any better and...

They take thousands of dollars in and you don't see any of it.

They call on companies when they think you're not paying attention and when the local businesses in your area can't verify the authenticity of their claims. These scams are nation-wide.

These companies survive by thinking two things:

1. That you don't care

2. That you won't know

There's a way to combat this - and even turn it into a positive.

Keep Calm.jpg

Solution: PR informs the media - they love a scam.

Plus, when you call them and ask them to get the warning out to your local businesses, you are also plugging your programs that actually do bring money into your schools. Plug your athletic partnership program, your online advertising, or your Foundation. Give companies who want to work with your school district information that will get them in touch with the right person. Give the media a name and phone number of who companies can call to verify programs or find out about your legitimate partnership oportunities.

Also, Inform your school staffs, parents, and local chamber of commerce or any other business organizations or associations that, if somebody claims they represent your schools or your school district, make sure they authenticate that.

But, definitely inform the media. They are great about these stories and actually do a great job of getting you free press. It shows you are protecting their best interests and the television stations get great ratings because they are the watchdogs in your community.

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