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The "It's not my problem" partnership is over...

The "it's not my problem" partnerships have come and gone. Saying you want a partnership with a school district and dumping off brochures that sit in a desk somewhere or, like free print publications or direct mailers, go straight in the trash...

They are gone because these partnerships aren't the print wastelands of the past... unless you can't mentally move past that.

I had a pizza chain tell me that they didn't want to work with schools because they can just do a direct mailer to parents in the community.

They sure can.

And another pizza chain can come in and walk away with market share.

Or a hospital. Or a college. Or car dealer. We see it over and over. Bottom line:

The "flyer dump" isn't "working with schools."

Don't be a flyer dump. Create a partnership. Sure you can distribute flyers. But set parameters and add something that actually means something... throw in some PA announcements, some on-site activation opportunities, and get involved.

Or, save money and pay your workers to go out... flyer cars in the parking lot... and keep sending direct mailers.

Remind yourself what brand recall is. Remember - you aren't a promotions intern - paid by the hour to dump flyers. It's still your problem and it's time to fix it.

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