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NSPRA and Council of Great City Schools Conference notes

With many school districts sending representatives to Baltimore for the conferences this weekend, I thought there were a few tools you need to keep in the old toolbelt to make this trip fun and a little safer.

Baltimore is much more than The Corner, The Wire, or Homicide - all three great shows depicting this city (and with sad accuracy) but there is also a lot of stuff that might be more appetizing then running through the streets of those areas.

Here's a starter set of links I recommend that might build your confidence and get you just a little further outside of the Inner Harbor (also known as "the bubble") for people from out of town.

But, like we say "let the teachers teach, let the coaches coach" so I asked the person I trust who is much more in tune with the happenings of Baltimore (thanks Kerri Norris, 98 Rock) so she gave me a killer list of what's in different areas of downtown (sections are Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Harbor East, Little Italy, Canton and Federal Hill) and some serious recommendations on where to get the best burger, why you don't eat sushi in Fells' Point, and where to find the only Grand Marnier bar where you can purchase your own bottle and leave it for us to finish after you leave. So, enjoy:

Inner Harbor:

  • Dick’s is fun, typical chain, not really my cup of tea though. Food is just OK.

  • Just walk around, you’ll find some places to eat- most are chains but you have to walk around if you’ve never been here before.

  • Rusty Scupper

  • On the water, really nice, more expensive

Fells Point:

  • Horse you came in on

  • One of Baltimore’s oldest bars with live music beginning every day at 1pm. Largest seller of Jack Daniels of any other bars

  • Kooper’s

  • Best burgers EVER

  • Alexander’s Tavern

  • Great food/sandwiches and they serve everything with tots! You can choose from an assortment of toppings for your tots too haha

  • Bond Street Social is “hip”- however, the servings are like tapas size and it’s annoying. So don’t let people hype this up and make you feel like you HAVE to go.

  • One Eyed Mike’s

  • Great little local bar in Fells. The have a Grand Marnier Club that you can join and have a personal bottle there. Bartenders are awesome too.

  • Max’s

  • Lots of beers, good place to watch the game

  • Thames Street Oyster House

  • I’ve only been for the drinks but apparently the plentiful of oysters they have are to die for. So if you like oysters, try this place.

  • KIlwin’s

  • For if you like chocolate


  • Mama’s on the Half Shell

  • Great seafood- I always get their shrimp salad and steamed shrimp. Really refreshing orange crushes

  • Nacho Mama’s

  • Mexican food! Little hole in the wall

  • Boathouse

  • Pretty new, right on the water. Outdoor seating, great spot to just chill. Good food and drinks.

Federal Hill: this is where the crazy’s hang out (especially this weekend - nice weather, Yankees/O's series)

  • Ryleigh’s Oyster Bar

  • Good food, probably my favorite place. There’s dancing at night. But they have two bars you can watch the game at.

  • Little Havana- this is more Locust Point than in the heart of Fed Hill, right on the outside.

  • 98 Rock favorite. Really feel like you’re in another part of the world here.

  • Matsuri


  • If you are planning on going there on weekends (day or night) , you will find yourself in the middle of degenerate and drunk hooligans- keep an open mind J

Harbor East

  • RA

  • Sushi- get the Viva las Vegas and Edamame

  • Chazz

  • NY style pizza

Little Italy

  • Amiccis- absolutely my favorite restaurant in the city

  • You have got to get the Pane Rotundo- it’s like this garlic bread with shrimp trapped in a white scampi sauce- big enough for 5 people

  • I keep it simple with Chicken parm otherwise- HUGE portions

  • Vaccaro’s

The Italian bakery! Get cannoli’s J -- there is also one in Canton

Prescriptions at Maxs Taphouse.jpg

(Max's Taphouse in Fells Point has a nice variety of drinks/food and is the official headquarters for the World Cup finals Sunday)

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