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No, You Don't Want a Percentage of Their Sales (6 reasons why...)

Too many times high school teams get approached by local sponsors who want to "donate a percentage of our sales" to your booster club or fundraising arm of your school or school district. You should not want a % of sales from sponsors and here is why in an easy-to-consume and easy-to-understand manner. There is little reason for exception but, of course with all things, there will be times this may not be the best option. Consult our team if you have questions.

Why you Do NOT want a percentage of a sponsors sales - you want a flat rate.

  1. A flat rate is guaranteed;

  2. The sponsor still benefits from the participation and the awareness and implied partnership with your school;

  3. There is no recourse if you believe the sponsor is not telling you the truth on the total amount of sales;

  4. Sponsors sometimes make more sales after the event which is not accounted for in most percentage of sales deals done at school events;

  5. A flat rate prevents any mistrust or misunderstanding - it's easy to say, for x amount of dollars, you can be a part of our event.

  6. A flat rate doesn't require any additional oversight or follow-up.


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