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High School Soccer Jersey Sponsorships: Why this is the next big move for high school soccer.

Let's get some sponsors on high school soccer team jerseys immediately.

Sure, somebody's gonna freak out about it but let's make sense of it.

It's logically the best option to provide new revenues to schools. Here's why:

  1. costs nothing

  2. creates needed revenue streams

So, let's get some sponsors on high school soccer team jerseys immediately. You can sign the petition here.

(Thanks to my wife for modeling this spec we created)

It's time to let high schools cash in on the logical extension of putting advertisements on high school soccer jerseys.

Anybody who plays soccer knows that soccer jerseys are expected to have advertisements on them. International soccer, U.S. professional soccer organizations and club teams all cash in on these partnerships. And for big dollars.

It would bring a lot of attention to youth soccer, it would provide the affirmation to players that their sport is growing (which it is), and costs nothing since most schools purchase uniforms every year.

Let's face it. In most markets, high school soccer programs aren't generating the same revenues as high school football.

But they may with this.

The first time we sold a naming rights deal for a high school stadium in Central Florida, part of the sponsorship deal was they got an on-field (30 yard line) painted logo. I wanted to watch from the stands and listen to the conversations and was thrilled when the community members, families, and other students were talking about how things must be improving because a corporation decided to put their name on "our stadium." There was a huge sense of pride.

I expect we'd see the same thing with soccer jerseys.

So, think about soccer and the natural transition between the current jersey landscape in soccer.

For this reason, I believe the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) should pass a by-law that would allow states that wanted to get into this, be able to allow one (1) jersey sponsorship on high school soccer jerseys. The whole jersey... not some brand logo that looks like they made the shirt. Immersive: With team's using the sponsors color schemes and logo throughout the fan experience (like the one in the picture at the top of the page.)

And don't tell me it's going to add a commercial element to sports. Boosters, concession partner fundraisers, banners on the outfield fence, and sports programs that get printed up calendars and schedules are already there... they just don't produce the amount of funding and excitement jersey sponsorships would generate.


Nobody looks at banners two hundred yards away with text on them that is unreadable and design that is freshman at best.

Soccer makes sense. Other sports see other opportunities but soccer... soccer, this is yours.

Do it right and you will have fans wearing these jerseys and really get some visibility around the community. Soccer fans are passionate and supportive. It's like NASCAR on grass.

Let's go!

Doing some early competitive valuation estimates, I believe school districts could easily see 5-year, $50,000 deals become very common.

Think about markets with no professional sports? The visceral connection with the local schools? One smart partnership package like this could put soccer on the revenue-generating (and pride-generating) map. It would not have numbers "in millions" like the Premier League but it would definitely help.

I am hoping groups like the NFHS and even U.S. Soccer can get behind a move like this and help support high schools that have or want to start teams and this is the #1 they can create new revenue streams.

Do good. For brand and community.


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