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"Digital Failed Me" Support Groups

There's "digital failed me" support groups out there. We hold calls all the time for that. When you worry all those increased digital budgets are flatlining, we are here for you...

That's really the best way to say it. Millennials aren't responding to, and often ignoring all together, the best digital efforts on publisher sites.

It's because they are cold; no feel. We see it over and over. The companies seeing the response are those that subscribe and participate in a tribe. When we integrated Panera Bread into schools throughout Central Florida, we heard they had seen a "significant" increase in their in-store parent segments and increase from families and schools in doing group catering.

Throw in ad-blocking and the increasing click-fraud issues...

according to Steve Sullivan, vice president of advertising technology at the IAB it could be sitting at between 22-50% of ads nobody is seeing and looks like we will be starting a few more "support groups."

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