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Doin It Right In Duval

I could have easily called this "How to integrate your brand" or "true partnerships with schools" but they sure are doing it right at Duval...

Sprint has easily become one of the most progressive and successful companies when it comes to working with school districts. One of my favorite ones so far is when Sprint stepped in to help Duval County Public Schools (Jacksonville, FL) support their annual anti-bullying program. Sprint stepped in as a title sponsor to the event and, in return, was on-site for the event as well as became an annual partner with Duval County Public Schools for the anti-bullying hotline.

Director of Communications for Duval County Public Schools found the perfect way to integrate the Sprint messaging into his anti-bullying campaign media where: A.) Sprint's message didn't overshadow the cause, and; B.) It created a platform for Sprint where they were going to be showcased to all employees and parents within Duval County as a major supporter to the cause and school district.

I will follow up a post in a few months to see how the school district anti-bullying campaign is going as well as how Sprint is doing with their new public sector employee program (that's equally impressive.)

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