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Can Your Property Have Value Without A Television Rights Deal?

High schools, community properties, and many colleges & universities don't have a television contract attached to their stadiums, gymnasiums, and theaters.

In fact, the average annual amount a high school stadium receives for stadium naming rights can vary significantly depending on several factors other than media rights valuations, including:

  • Location: Stadiums in larger metropolitan areas or regions with high median incomes tend to command higher prices. 

  • Size and Facilities: Larger facilities with modern amenities and higher seating capacities often attract larger sponsorships. Facilities that are not yet built allow for customization by the sponsor to the property.

  • Success of Athletic Programs: Schools with successful and popular athletic programs can leverage their reputation for greater visibility and interest from sponsors.

  • Negotiation and Terms: The specific terms of the agreement, such as the duration of the contract and additional benefits included, can also impact the annual amount.


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