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Inside The High School Stadium Naming Rights Partnership That Changed New Mexico: 4 details that ma

1.) Purpose: Nusenda Credit Union (formerly was New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union) used this partnership to help in their rebranding efforts and to stake their claim as the local community credit union. They had a purpose. This partnership was the cornerstone of their rebranding efforts and a great way to put their flag down in the middle of the community. Whether a company is rebranding, attempting to win market share, or support a cause, these types of partnerships provide what just digital and traditional advertising can't... an emotional connection with the local community.

2.) Signage: Nusenda invested in signage to support their naming rights partnership. This signage added value to the look and feel of the stadium as well as clearly branded their name from the entrances to the field. The signage included entrances to the facility but also the press box and on the field. When field goal nets go up, there is signage there too. As visitors walk the stadium the trash cans were wrapped as well. This not only gives Nusenda dozens of impressions throughout the stadium experience but adds a professional feel to the entire stadium. This adds credibility and ultimately will attract other advertisers to their athletic partnership program.

3.) A plan: Nusenda Credit Union came in with a plan and involved their executive team from the minute an agreement was being negotiated to the press release, kickoff event, and the branding throughout the stadium. The school district communication department worked hand-in-hand with the marketing and PR team for Nusenda. This way everybody was involved and everybody was on board. School district press releases have great power in the media and should be utilized when corporate partnerships are built.

4.) Packaging: Nusenda and Albuquerque Public Schools added value to the partnership for a win-win agreement that also provided web advertisements on their school district athletic page. The stadium details were negotiated by Tebo & Associates ( between the district and Nusenda and included web ad tracking, PA announcements to support their rebranding efforts during all games, and even billboard ads throughout Albuquerque to promote the new partnership.

The results: Stadium naming rights are popping up all over for high schools for good reason. It allows companies to reach communities at some of the largest community events throughout the year while supporting the local school district. It earns the districts much needed revenue and, in this case, helped Nusenda's rebranding efforts. There's no better way to earn a communities trust and when you earn their trust, you earn their business.

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